Trait Sniper's built-in Webhooks function as an easy way to get new activities and data updates sent to you.

Setup hook

After you have account developers in Traitsniper, you can go to your dashboard, choose Webhook and fill in your Webhook URL
Which any change in the collections, we will trigger and send an update to that endpoint. To be more secure, let's set up your own header key and value, we will tick it on our request, to make sure it will be authenticated to send.


Our request format will contain 2 main parts is:

  • event_type: Text. For now, we only support (collection_status for trigger when project is revealing)
  • event_data: Array object.
    We will be on event_type to define which way to parse our event_data. This is an example:
    "event_type": "collection_status",
    "event_data": [
            "contract_address": "0x4287bd7cc2b4aa8650e2887055a4674759c216e2",
            "status": "revealing"