This endpoint provides a list of all the ranks supported and collected by TraitSniper

Arbitrary ranks are collected by the minimum length of either contract addresses or token ids.

For example:

GET: /v1/ranks?contract_addresses=0xf07468ead8cf26c752c676e43c814fee9c8cf402,0xa4bcd3b7f141ba1f08f36033fdfce691565561bc&token_ids=1

The results will only contain 1 contract address (0xf07468ead8cf26c752c676e43c814fee9c8cf402) with its token id (1). The contract address (0xa4bcd3b7f141ba1f08f36033fdfce691565561bc) will be ignored because there is no assosiated token with it.


Requests to this endpoint require an API key. If you don't have an API key, please buy one.

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