Spyder is an amazing feature that we've worked so hard on. We are happy for the roll-out of Spyder and love to explain every step so you can fully exploit Spyder.

What is Spyder on Trait Sniper App?

Spyder is a special feature that allows you to snipe on your favorite collection or based on the market. The primary objective of this offering is to upgrade the trading experience of Trait Sniper’s users to the next level.
To access the Spyder feature, you have to access the Trait Sniper Web App. Then, you will click on the Spyder button in the left sidebar.


Explore The Market…


When you access Spyder, we give two main sections: Filter Projects and Listening Event. When moving between selection tabs, these two panels will always correspond.

Firstly, we will talk about the information given in the “Filter Projects" panel. We divided projects into five categories:

  • Highlighted: The five projects in the "Highlighted" are synchronized with the “Featured Project" on the “Home" page. These projects are mainly coming from Trait Sniper's partnerships and high volume or popular projects.
  • Trending: Some of the most current trending projects on the market will appear in this tab. Projects will be updated continuously, which allows you to keep track of real-time trending projects. At the same time, on the event listening panel, transactions are constantly reviewed. In particular, Genesis or Alpha Pass holders are enabled to utilize the fast buy feature on Spyder.
  • Unrevealed: We filter projects from Unrevealed status on the Trait Sniper App and list the top 7 projects based on their volume. Hence, you can sift through low-volume projects.
  • High Volume: We sort the top 50 projects based on the volume exchanged during the day. It allows users to observe and snipe projects which have the highest trading volume on the market at the moment.

Once you add a project to the favorites list, the project will immediately appear on the “My Favorites" tab, which has many exciting features.

  • My Favorites: This is the special part that allows you to observe your favorite projects. The search bar only allows searching by project name and adding it to your favorite list.

To remove current projects from the custom filter, select the project and click on the garbage icon to remove the project(s) from the filter. Tick the grid on the left of "Project Name" to choose all the projects.


…Snipe The Wishlist with Custom Your Favorite Projects…

You can filter for custom projects by price, rank, and trait, according to your desires. The total supply is also displayed. We currently only support the Ethereum cryptocurrency. There are two shortcuts that we offer:

  • ≤ Floor price: Automatically fill in the maximum value, which equals the project's floor price.
  • ≤ 130% of floor price: Automatically fill in the maximum value, which equals 130% of the project's floor price.
  • 💡 Why is it 130%? According to our data, traders tend to set the selling price at a 30% premium to the floor price. So you can avoid the listed deals whose prices are overrated compared to their actual value.

In the “Rank" filter, we provide three shortcuts: Top 1%, Top 5%, and Top 10%. Besides that, you can set the scope of rank you snipe. By providing options that may be adjusted based on your willingness to pay, we do all we can to make sniping simple and efficient for you.


In the “Traits" filter, trait groups will be displayed by colorful tabs to visually differentiate. The information for a sub-trait includes [Sub-trait name-N.o of Sub-trait-Trait Floor Price]. You just need to filter for the right trait in your snipe aim. Then, picking the match conditions is also crucial, including:

  • Match price AND any traits: Upcoming listening events panel will display NFTs matched with the price and one of the trait filters.
  • Match price AND all traits: Upcoming listening events panel will display NFTs matched with the price and all trait filters.

… and Go Shopping with Trait Sniper!

In the live event panel, we will present the data on NFTs, and you will evaluate whether or not this NFT is worth the investment.


An NFT will display information like the image above, including:

  • Project Name, Token ID
  • Status (Listing/ Sale), rank, and listing timestamp
  • The sale/listing price and the percent of change compared to the floor price
  • Marketplace link (OpenSea, Looksrare, or X2Y2) and Fast Buy button
    REMINDER: “Fast Buy” button is only available for Alpha Pass Holders and Genesis Pass Holders.

When you turn on the notification, the number of new NFTs that meet your filter will be displayed in the pop-up. Roll your cursor up to the top to refresh the live event tab.


Listening Event


By tracking all the real-time events of your favorite collections, including the listing, sale, or both, Spyder gives you more insight into what traits are being purchased and what is listed now. We put the status of NFT below the project’s name, which is “listing” with green and “sale” with red in a striking way to easily distinguish. Additionally, we offer three marketplace options: OpenSea, X2Y2, and Looksrare.


Once you click on the profile picture of the NFT deal, all the essential information and links to other marketplaces will appear in a pop-up table.


Custom Gas Fee
Gas setting is a top feature that makes Trait Sniper worthwhile. As we always aim to improve users’ experiences, the gas setting helps you to prevent waste costs. Setting the right gas fee is the secret source of a successful sniper. No one wants to set too high a gas fee for a transaction that leads to overpaying an NFT.


On Spyder, you can access the general settings in the top right of the screen. We offer three gas price customs to you: Gas default, Gas custom 1, and Gas custom 2.


If you are still deep in insight, we organized an AMA to explain details and give the audience some examples of ways to utilize the Spyder. It will be helpful to watch!


Spyder can level up NFT-lovers’ experiences in a way you've never had before. We will keep on improving Spyder more and more in the near future. Don't hesitate if you have any ideas for us!