Security on Trait Sniper

While it's tempting to think NFTs are safe, cybercriminals always create more sophisticated access techniques to your valuable digital assets. Some non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are worth a few dollars, while others might cost as an arm and a leg. However, regardless of how much a user spends on their NFT, it is essential to maintain it secure. These days, the developers of Trait Sniper are actively working to build and promote the security of our app's users. This article will introduce you to three new Trait Sniper features that enhance your safety in the NFT space.


Reportedly, we have received sharing from holders caught up in hacks or scams through signing fake transactions and wallet drains that resulted in the loss of Trait Sniper Pass. So, our developers recommend all users hold the Trait Sniper Pass in their ledger and snipe their favorite NFT with another hot wallet. Remember that only a hot wallet may be added to a ledger!

An obvious advantage of the ledger is avoiding draining your wallet and losing your Trait Sniper Pass if unforeseen cases arise.

Set Up Your Ledger
To set up your ledger, you will connect to Trait Sniper App and MetaMask Chrome Extension with your Ledger Metamask Account. You can select the first item after clicking the interface in the top-right corner.


A pop-up will appear, and you must enter the address of the wallet you want to use to snipe.


Then, a message will be shown using MetaMask. Since it is the only record requiring your signature, you should read it carefully. The message indicates that you will allow the hot wallet to snipe NFT at Trait Sniper.


Then, you must log out of the ledger wallet and sign in to Trait Sniper with the hot wallet for the snipe trips. For easier understanding, we have provided a tutorial video. It will be helpful to watch!
Note: To reset login/hot wallet, log in to your ledger wallet and submit an empty field!

Mint Wallets - Launchpad

If you have been an avid reader/user, you must have known about our new feature: Launchpad. Trait Sniper Launchpad will help new artists' enrollment in the NFT space on the marketing aspect. Collection owners can also give out many whitelists and acquire info much faster and more efficiently. Finally, they get exposure to our NFT-lovers—a user base of more than 2M per month. Contact us here: Link.

Once you join a project, you have done your due diligence on the project and can receive whitelists. However, we aim to improve your NFT journey to the highest level of security through Mint Wallets.

You may add as many fresh mint wallets to your account as you wish. Your default mint wallet will be your most recently registered wallet or your primary wallet if you have not previously joined any project.


Access the Trait Sniper Launchpad and go to Joined Projects to look at your mint wallets

Due to the hacks and scams recently, when users mint a new collection and get hacked, we advise that your cryptocurrency assets should be divided into wallets. Save your valuable NFTs and ETH in a safe wallet/ledger, while another wallet holds a small ETH amount to register for mint. From that, you can avoid losing all your property if there is a rug pull collection or fake transaction.

Display Transaction

Furthermore, we have added transaction-related data to encourage consumers to become more knowledgeable and cautious before signing contracts in the NFT space. Any transactions that need a signature using Trait Sniper will show relevant information.


You need to enable Display Transaction on Trait Sniper Chrome Extension. We will display transaction data and let you verify permissions/approval requests before confirming. In the future, more data will be considered for display.



Our team continually strives to improve the user experience. We are aiming to establish a well-built performance for further future growth of Trait Sniper, NFT, and blockchain. Don't hesitate if you have any ideas for us!