Launchpad for NFT Projects

What is Trait Sniper Launchpad?

Building an ecosystem to support users, traders, project owners, and the NFT community was Trait Sniper’s mission from the very first day. In the last few months, we have been working hard, even during the bear market, to deliver what we believe could benefit the NFT industry. We believe our experience and expertise from the early days of the market, together with our enthusiasm to create products that elevate and excel in this prominent industry.

Trait Sniper Launchpad is one of them. We’re happy to announce that our launchpad is well built and ready to serve the market. Trait Sniper Launchpad is a platform where creators, artists, and project owners can share their project whitelist and where our NFT collectors can claim their favorite project’s whitelist.

In this announcement, we’re happy to explain what Trait Sniper Launchpad can do to benefit both users and the project’s owners.

Benefit of project's owner listing on Trait Sniper Launchpad

For some projects, it's vital that the latest release is democratic and accessible to all, and one of the fairest ways to do this is through a process called whitelisting. Prior to its public minting or sale, whitelisting allows NFT projects to offer their communities the opportunity to mint an NFT.

Projects practice NFT whitelisting has three main reasons: rewarding early supporters, preventing gas wars, and guarding against spam.

If you’re the owner of a project and you’re working toward your launch date, then listing your whitelist should be an important part of that. A smart allocation plan will contribute to the great success of your project launch.


To serve the important part of the NFT ecosystem—the project’s owners and creators—our launchpad has been built to provide the following benefits:

  • Increase credibility and brand awareness
    Increase the credibility and brand awareness of your soon-to-be launched project. By being featured on our launchpad, your project will be on the front page of a 2 million monthly traffic website. That will make your project distinctive and well-known.
  • Higher chances of getting attention from the quality community
    Besides your visibility on our high-traffic website, your project will be approached by a community of nearly 40 discord members, of which 3333 of them are professional NFT traders and collectors, and some of them are whales in the market. By taking that advantage, it will increase your chances of getting attention from a high-quality community, which is likely to contribute to your project's success.
  • Enter Trait Sniper dedicated program
    By listing your project on our launchpad, your project will have a chance to be one of our “dedicated projects,” which means we will select several projects that have potential growth for our promotion program. The program for selected projects will have the privilege of being promoted by our marketing and branding activities.
  • It is free
    The NFT whitelisting on our launchpad is completely free. We’re actively collecting and selecting potential projects to support our users.
    To get your project listed on the Trait Sniper launchpad, your project will go through a submission process with easy steps to verify your project.
    Click this link to start promoting your project!

Benefits of Whitelist collectors that participate in Trait Sniper Launchpad

As an NFT collector, you have access to the Trait Sniper launchpad, meaning that you’re ahead of other collectors in the market with the following benefits:

  • Access to NFTs before public launch
    While attracting many users is a sign of a successful NFT project, it also means that there will be more competition to mint NFTs. Trait Sniper Launchpad users often get priority or guaranteed access to mint NFTs, avoiding the competition, on-chain traffic, and soaring gas fees. Some projects may even offer exclusive NFTs as a token of appreciation for early supporters, which our users might have the luck of accessing.
  • Reduced risk of fraud
    One example of fraud is when someone repeatedly buys and sells their assets to inflate prices artificially. This practice, known as wash trading, is one of several tactics bad actors use to manipulate the market.
    Since users typically have to pass whitelist criteria before being granted access to the NFT presale, theoretically, the risk of fraudulent behavior is reduced. Restricting the mint period can also prevent bad actors from attempting to monopolize the project’s NFT market.
  • Manage whitelist collection
    With Trait Sniper launchpad, your whitelist collection is not fragmented. It is well managed with the status of each collection.
  • Early access and guaranteed whitelist
    Get early access and you are guaranteed to get one or more NFTs before the official launch date and at a lower price.
  • Avoid gas wars
    The whitelist registration allows only a selected number of wallet addresses to mint the NFT before the public sale, which means the sale is less likely to experience network congestion and gas wars.
    Sometimes, a whitelist sale can be affected by other minting sales or external events. A favorable addition to the whitelist concept for NFT projects is that if there is a huge demand to join the whitelist, it creates hype and buzz around the release, project, and potential subsequent releases.
    Especially for Pass Holder
    There will be a higher chance of receiving rewards when participating in Raffle with a large number of entries. (1 Alpha Pass = 3 Entries, 1 Genesis = 10 Entries)

See Guideline for NFT hunters to join and claim Whitelist on the Trait Sniper Launchpad here!

Conditions of participation

At the moment, applying for a Giveaway/Raffle on Trait Sniper Launchpad is entirely free. You can open a collaborated ticket on Discord to list the project's information and the Raffle/Giveaway as fast as possible.


The NFT space is constantly evolving with outstanding, highly applicable works of art that make many people want to jump into this wagon. But to launch a project smoothly, we need to prepare carefully, Trait Sniper Launchpad is a place where you can send your Whitelist spots so that we can bring them closer to users and be a fulcrum good for future development.
Do not forget to keep all new NFTs collections up to date just to ensure you will take advantage of the TS Launchpad. It will be another place for you, NFT traders, to take profit from the NFT universe!
Welcome to Trait Sniper Launchpad!