Genesis Pass Holder

In this guildeline, we are not only walking you through all the functionalities that we offer in the Genesis Pass, which is primarily for professional snipers, but we also highlight why it is essential in combination with our knowledge in the NFTs space.

As we mentioned earlier in the free user guide, we give out basic features to our free users to understand and become an expert in the NFTs space. We recommend reading it before looking at the Alpha Pass and Genesis Pass tutorials.

Genesis Pass has all the features that other Tiers have, in addition to some killer features. The comparison table below should give you a clear picture of what we offer on the Genesis Pass version. Genesis Pass holders have the exclusive right to access these most prominent elements to contribute to a much higher success rate when sniping.

  • Timing: there are many ranking tools in the market, and we are proud to be the fastest rarity ranking platform. As soon as the project reveals, Genesis Pass holders can buy their favorite NFT directly on Opensea through Traitsniper, the effort is optimized, and they also have the privilege of the live feed sale and listing.
  • Customizable gas: Premium users can set customized gas and have 3 preset gas modes for maximum success rate.
  • Information and community: in this world of NFTs, information is the key to success. Competition means you want to be as high up as possible. Genesis holders will have access to the Sniper alpha group to discuss with top snipers, make friends and learn from them. Furthermore, Genesis Pass holders also have access to a disclosure schedule and a wide variety of other data to help make better decisions.

Let us walk you through our functionalities and how they support essential elements of becoming a successful sniper.

Instant rarity ranking

Genesis Pass holders can view the rarity rankings right after the project's reveal without waiting. Or more precisely, right when the metadata is uploaded, subscribed members can see rankings, traits, and images of unrevealed NFT.

Of course, this process takes time depending on the nature and metadata of each project, so be careful when sniping when it’s not 100% revealed, as the ranking can be changed with more and more NFTs revealed. Some projects also shuffle their metadata, do partial reveals, or add in more traits after revealing, so it’s better to take care and DYOR (do your own research).

Chrome extension

Chrome extension has the same functionality as our app Compared to the free version, Genesis Pass holders have more information, choices and convenience when surfing on Opensea.

The significant feature here is that, when browsing on Opensea with Trait Sniper’s chrome extension implemented, you could quickly buy the NFT with preset gas price without the usual long-winded process.

Access to genesis group

As we mentioned earlier, besides the exclusive functionalities that we offer to Genesis Pass holders, we also offer a dynamic source of information that helps snipers make better decisions.

Reveal calendar and reveal alert: with the reveal calendar, we keep our snipers stay tuned to the most significant announcements. Never miss an attractive NFT drop and event again. You will get all the details about secret upcoming NFT projects, especially in the reveal calendar. We highlight the best collections to be released in the next coming days.

Alpha group chat: premium membership also grants you access to the alpha group chat, where snipers update and discuss news, rugs alert, and hot and highlighted projects. This is where professional snipers share their experience, and you, as a newbie, seek advice. Last but not least, in alpha group chat, you can connect directly with Trait Sniper’s dev team, where all your opinions matter. We listen to our customers and keep improving our product day by day.


Everyone wants to learn from success stories, but the valuable lessons are mostly from lost stories where our snipers share their lost snippings and why. Take this case as an example:


This space is no wonderland. People are making a profit, meaning that more people are losing money. Learning industry fundamentals by heart and reading both successes case studies and lost stories should get you in shape, together with practicing and a bit of luck.


Mass bid mode


We can bulk-buy NFTs by gems with just one click as instructed above. Thereby can save more time

Some profit sharing from our snipers

To get you excited, we are happy to share some of the profit-sharing from our sniper's channel. I hope someday you will be one of them

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To purchase a Genesis Pass, please visit Opensea to experience the best, and become a professional sniper. We hope this guide gave you an overview of the Genesis Pass functions.

Happy sniping!