Introduce our Lifetime NFT Pass

Trait Sniper Lifetime Access NFT Pass gives you access to our Ultimate rarity trading platform, with many functions to make your life easier, whether trading or sniping, for-profit compared to other users in the market.

  • The Trait Sniper NFT presale was on January 17, at 5 pm UTC, with no public sale.
  • There are 3,333 Trait Sniper Lifetime Access NFT. There will never be more.
  • We had two tiers with different prices: Presale price: Tier 1 is 2 ETH, Tier 2 is 0.2 ETH

The Ultimate NFT Trading Platform Access

Trait Sniper Lifetime NFT Pass offers a complete package of trading essentials on a single platform. Lifetime access to all your must-have tools, which include: Instant buy with customizable gas Unlock Premium Chrome Extension Portfolio management & charts.

Trait Sniper Ecosystem Access

Holders can have several perks such as $SNIPE Tokenomics, upcoming drops, partner projects’ whitelists, developing features, and future products. Being a part of Trait Sniper ecosystems means that we will give you the highest privileges and keep you up to date to get ahead of others in the NFT world.

For Advanced Traders

Trait Sniper Lifetime NFT Pass is a top-tier snipping tool with a proven track record. Historic profits can be tracked in real-time over our leaderboard. We're also continuously supporting new professional trading features. Owning a Trait Sniper Lifetime NFT Pass can give you access to some of the most advanced utilities for sniping:

  • Immediate ranking on revealing collections
  • Mass bidding
  • Advanced Auto Sniping