Free User

A full guideline about Trait Sniper's functionality for free users

For new users, first, you need to go to:, then connect your wallet and make sure to sign the signature request to continue the experience.

Unified trading interface

1. Sidebar tabs
This area will contain most of our platform features. In the future, we will add more valuable features, and other Tabs will also be added to this Sidebar


2. Stats tab
This is the place where to show your profit and loss from flipping NFT on Opensea and Trait Sniper:


3. Twitter Feed tab
We collect Tweets and then rearrange them by category: Highlights / Trending / Unrevealed / High Volume projects. The Twitter feed information should give you easy access to the project's social appearance.


4. Sniper Leaderboard tab
A place to show profits by ranking top people on Trait Sniper with 3 categories: Total Profit, Flipping Count, Total Spent.


5. Your NFT tab
To easily manage your wallet, your collections will be displayed on:


6. Announcements
Follow our latest news weekly in this Announcements tab.

We have broken it down into different concepts and areas, so you can effortlessly search and dive deep into the announcements that are important to you.

7. Blogs tab
In the Blog tab, we include many categories like Market News, Feature Releases, Tips and Tricks, etc. The purpose is for new users to be able to update information in many different aspects fully.

You can find more information on:

Live event feed

Live event feed: A special treat from Trait Sniper, our event feed gives you a front seat to the NFT vibrant market, where it displays all the listings and sales of a project. You can quickly decide if it's worth sniping/selling by reading this data type. We will cover the insight from our NFTs trader expert in the following article.


Chrome extension

Trait Sniper chrome extension is directly implemented on Opensea and Looksrare. It adds vital data points like Rank, Supply, and floor pricing. The quick buy button is only reserved to premium members who want to customize their gas. Please find our user guide for Premium subs.


There’s also a button leading directly to the collection page on If the collection is not already available on our website, the button will lead to our discord channel to request listing.

Also on your profile, you can calculate your flipping profit and collection value with just a click of a button, for convenience's sake.


Buy NFT directly on Trait Sniper

Trait Sniper allows you to buy instantly without going through any marketplace. We understand that timing is crucial for hot projects.


With our latest automated price checking system, you don't need to worry about price deviations or wasting too much time. Just connect your wallet directly to Trait Sniper, and you can freely buy your favorite NFTs.



We give free users access to 80% of our most essential features, and within 30 minutes of the reveal start, all newly revealed collections are available for public, non-paid users. There is no need to wait days to upload a new mint, visit Trait Sniper for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

At Trait Sniper, we are constantly innovating and growing every day. Our team is working hard and trying to bring more new features soon. If you have any ideas to improve our products, please visit us when unsatisfied and put your thoughts in the feature request channel. We always want to hear from you.

We do support some killer functions for professional snipers. Let's see the feature comparison below.