API as A Service

If you plan to build an NFT dApp in any reasonable amount of time or at any scale, you will need an NFT API. Whether you want to build a private tool to win others in the market by having better information, a dApp rarity ranking NFT, or even an NFT marketplace. For example, an NFT API allows you to get many types of information:

  • NFT Prices
  • NFT rarity ranking
  • Ownership Data for NFTs
  • NFT Metadata
  • Transfer Data

Trait Sniper NFT API announcement

The Trait Sniper NFT API is a robust indexed API that is as simple to use as the other Trait Sniper features you already adore. Our NFT API enables you to construct everything you can imagine with NFTs with only a single line of code.

What are Trait Sniper NFT API possibilities?

It can give you NFT metadata, NFT price, all NFT history, and real-time event and pricing data. It would give you more in-depth collection analysis and monitoring.
Moreover, Trait Sniper NFT API fully supports the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards. This means you’ll be able to work with either of the two most popular Ethereum NFT token standards.

How Trait Sniper empowers users to develop their own API?

Trait Sniper API allows you to grow your NFT dApp at any scale, whether forming your own NFT algotrading tool to win others or building a comprehensive NFT marketplace, Trait Sniper APIs provide everything you need to get ready 10x faster by:

  • Trusted NFT Ranking API
    Users can effortlessly integrate robust data into their application with complete API access to the leading rarity rating platform. Query and graph the aggregated rating of a collection using just two lines of code.
  • Real-time NFT events and pricing
    We permit developers to generate collection analytics based on real-time and historical data, such as pricing, events, and volume. We track the blockchain continuously and interpret events from all main protocols with the latest standards, protocols, and blockchain upgrades.
  • Smarter collection analysis and monitoring
    Trait Sniper API Service empowers creators and brands with smarter ways to analyze, and understand collections, giving them insight via sales charts, traits, and listing trending.
    In addition, some may be aware that major NFT markets such as OKX, LooksRare, and X2Y2 have incorporated Trait Sniper API. They are also reliable partners of ours.


Our API is free for everyone to get started; besides that, we offer various packages that fit your needs check the price at Trait Sniper API Website. Let's get started to build your dApp smarter and faster!


  • How do you rate limit your API?
    For now, we can support up to 120 reqs/min for Launch and Pro package. If you need more, let’s discuss further via our discord.
  • How reliable are your price API?
    It’s real time.
  • Is there a way to get notified of NFT metadata revealing?
    We have a TraitSniper pass collection, you can buy 1 Genesis pass and provide a webhook URL that we can call to notify you of revealing.
  • Will you support other platforms outside of OS, LR and X2Y2?
    Yes, other platforms will be supported once they gain significant market volume.
  • Will you support other chains?
    Yes, Solana integration is being worked on.

What is Trait Sniper?

Over the year, Trait Sniper has gone far from a metadata sniffing tool to calculating the rarity of an NFT collection as soon as they reveal, which opens up many profit opportunities. Trait Sniper has grown to one of the top NFT trading platforms with all must-have NFT trading tools with over 2 million users monthly. With Trait Sniper's complete, reliable, and advanced data, we promise to develop everything you need to get ready 10x faster, whether forming your own NFT algotrading tool to win others or building a comprehensive NFT marketplace.