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Some of you might be drifting into NFTs already, while others may not. In any case, there is one critical point to remember about the typical NFT project cycle:


Whether you’re a trader or not you've definitely heard the phrase "Buy Low, Sell High," which refers to an investment strategy that recommends purchasing assets at a lower price than you can subsequently sell them for. Everyone wants to buy low and sell high, but no one tells you when or how to do it. Project Godjra has created a simple graphic depicting an NFT cycle that everyone can comprehend. Now, the most crucial question you're undoubtedly wondering is: Which NFTs should I purchase? To make money, when should I buy and sell NFTs?

In case you missed this blog on how to make profits with NFTs, it demonstrated 3 key factors to look for when searching for a promising NFT project.

Alpha Pass Features and How They Can Benefit You

1. Overview - Main page

Trait Sniper is not an NFT marketplace where all NFT projects are listed; instead, we only feature high-potential projects for sniping on our site. We take data to the next level, allowing you to locate healthy initiatives using data rather than guessing.

A table showing the top trending, high-volume projects and other upcoming projects can be seen on the main page.


Royalty: is offered to the original creator of an asset when they are sold every time. The royalty rate depends on each project owner.

The main page of Trait Sniper will give you an overview of the NFTs projects you can consider with various features. From there, you will have more information to make a decision.

2. Project detail page

After walking around my favorite projects, it's time to identify NFTs worth buying. On the project detail page, we highlight three crucial data that you should look into, which is rank, trait, and price:

  • Rank: NFT rarity rankings measure how rare an NFT is in a particular collection. All NFTs have a different combination of traits, thus being unique. Well, while the combination of traits is different, one trait can apply to many NFTs. Trait Sniper ranking allows you to filter highest to lowest rank, for instance, you could filter the top 1%, 5%, 10%, or any desirable rank at your choice.

  • Price: this column demonstrates NFTs price, where you can filter price: lowest, highest, filter listing, especially, you can buy NFTs directly via Trait Sniper.

Only from Trait Sniper does the last sale price get displayed: from there, you could see the recently sold NFT price, or better, which traits are trending on a project.

  • Trait: is displayed with name and distribution percent in buttons: you could identify which traits are trending or desirable within the shortest time along with its name. Too many traits? You can use the search bar for convenience. Leaving the best for last, being able to view the trait floor would give you a better price prediction, ultimately deciding whether the NFT is worth buying or not.
  • Highest trait floor: Looking at the highest trait floor can give you an idea of the project’s potential and investment worth. The trait floor can be seen directly when you click on each trait button or click on the NFT in a collection. The highest trait floor takes the floor price of the most valuable trait in an NFT. So it can be used to evaluate your NFT or serve as a reference if you own an NFT and don’t know what price to list it at. A good price to list would be around the highest trait floor. To put it simply, the highest trait floor is the last highest sale with a specific trait-usually the most valuable in the NFT.
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  • Sale chart: Individual NFT valuations are based on past market sales data, so we made the sale chart. Compare similar assets when buying or selling NFT to ensure you're establishing a fair price. On the Ethereum blockchain, we keep track of all reputable collections, regardless of whether old or new. We also developed outliers option to filter out high price observations.
  • Live event feed: A special treat from Trait Sniper, our event feed gives you a front seat to the NFT vibrant market, where it displays all the listings and sales of a project. You can quickly decide if it's worth sniping/selling by reading this data type. We will cover the insight from our NFTs trader expert in the following article.

3. Chrome extension

Trait Sniper chrome extension is directly implemented on Opensea and Looksrare. It adds vital data points like Rank, Supply, and floor pricing. The quick buy button is only reserved for premium members who want to customize their gas. Please find our user guide for Genesis Pass.

4. Buy NFT directly on Trait Sniper

Trait Sniper allows you to buy instantly without going through any marketplace. We understand that timing is crucial for hot projects.


With our latest automated price checking system, you don't need to worry about price deviations or wasting too much time. Just connect your wallet directly to Trait Sniper, and you can freely buy your favorite NFTs.


5. Customizable gas setting

When purchasing NFT, premium users have the option of customizing the gas. Without going via Metamask gas settings, premium users can set the maximum priority fee and maximum fee directly on the Trait Sniper website. We do not recommend users mess around with this for the gas limit most of the time.

Alpha Pass holders can add many custom gas settings for sniping different projects/ rankings. For example, you can save a gas setting for the top 1% sniping on Gas custom one and other small projects/ lower rankings on Gas custom 2. Or use our preset gas modes, including Fast, Instant, and Mad gas.

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So why is customizable gas is so important?

  • Maximize the successful rate of your transaction: As a project newly reveals, the amount of competition is insanely high. For instance, if you want to snipe a high-ranking NFT, chances are that others also have their eyes on that specific one too. So instead of buying blindly, with a high risk of failing the transaction, you can now estimate the competition and preset certain gas modes for sniping.

Together with the instant reveal, users can have the perfect timing to increase their chances of getting that desirable rate/ legendary.

  • Peace of mind: yes, you can still get outgassed but knowing that you have a better rate than others will give you some peace of mind and serve as a better learning experience among experienced snipers. No one will tell you about their gas settings but you can chat with our experienced snipers on our Discord to get a better overlook on what they are doing during a reveal. Beware as some snipers have an unbelievable amount of preset gas.

With a quick buy feature only available to Alpha Pass holders, it significantly shortens the buying process, optimizing sniping during reveal time. Alpha Pass can also use the quick buy button to facilitate the transaction process on the live feed. A floor price list below has just appeared? Don't miss it; click and buy now in seconds.

Alpha Pass holders can get a ping on our app upon project reveal. No more sleeping off during big reveals, or missing out because you forgot to take out the trash. The pings are set up to go off 5 minutes before the project’s reveal. This reveal ping is also available on our Discord.

Alpha Pass holders also have access to custom notifications with a filter through characteristics and in-browser pricing if matched (note that tabs must be enabled). This does not exactly work as a sniper bot but has almost the same functionality. A ping will notify you when a listing matches the criteria you previously set appears. As a result, you can quickly click on it to buy the NFT you want or place buy orders below a specific price. You do not have to spend time watching; just let your filter work, then you can do something else and forget about it.

Quick buy on app and chrome extension



The Aphla Pass feature gives you powerful trading tools that make you a pro trader, it holds 95% functionalities of all Trait Sniper.

Alpha Pass holders have EXCLUSIVE rights to view the Rarity rankings 15 minutes upon the reveal, which is a huge plus for snipers. Besides, they also have exclusive features such as a Quick Buy Button (customizable gas), access to a revealing alert bot, and can join the Alpha Pass Group.

At Trait Sniper, we are constantly innovating and growing every day. Our team is working hard and trying to bring more new features soon. If you have any ideas to improve our products, please visit us when unsatisfied and put your thoughts in the feature request channel. We always want to hear from you.