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This page is a complete introduction to Trait Sniper and going forward


Trait Sniper is one of the most widely used trading platforms for NFT. We have 2M+ monthly users on the website, and 100k+ downloads on Chrome Extension. Trait Sniper’s NFT collection on OpenSea reached the top 20 worldwide for a 7-day volume back then.


Trait Sniper was known as the fastest rarity revealing for NFT collections with the all-in-one must-have tools for sniper such as:

  • Easily keep track of all collections floor prices.
  • Access to the ranking of all collections.
  • Easy snipe rare listing right on the activity page.
  • Quickly buy with customizable gas to make sure you are the first.
  • Quickly calculate your OpenSea portfolio.
  • Quickly sharing profit from flipping.

Along with the significant growth of the NFT industry, Trait Sniper has gone so far as to support the NFT ecosystem, including users, project owner, and the marketplace in a central piece.

Our team

Starting from 4 members in September of 2021, we're now growing with a team of 30 talented members working on multiple areas.

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Our Story

The Beginning
It was September 2021 when Kiraa - our CEO - was working two jobs remotely as a blockchain developer for exchanges translating crypto. He started crushing Discords 24/7 for whitelists and mining NFTs from left n right.
Kiraa found that metadata sniping was one thing. From there, he started creating his sniper tool, opened Discord Alpha, and immediately found the first snipers interested in finding the same tool/idea around rarity sniping.
The tool he made for himself back then looked something like this:


With the help of his friends who are Trait Sniper founders, quickly we were printing $ flipping NFTs that we sniped at revealing. The services were very well received by the community (most were "alpha" traders at the time). Kiraa quit his job (more like getting fired because his mind was focused on NFTs and Trait Sniper).

The Growth
Kiraa along with other founding members, has grown the team to more than 30 people working in various fields. The core engine and development infrastructure is highly complex with multiple scaling pieces, primarily focusing on delivering fast rarity ranking.

In the past, we have provided:

  • The fastest/most consistent tool for sniping disclosure (still our core value locator)
  • Complex feature list and UX made for pro traders
  • Over 100k users on our Chrome Extension
  • Long feature lists continued to be added.

A rarity ranking won't make much sense without popularity. Back then, we were small shrimps compared to the other tools (still now, tbh), but we managed to deliver big goals.
Integration with official partners: LooksRareNFT, mobyinsights, gemxyz, more TBA, etc.

Going forward
In the future, Trait Sniper would love to do more of that and even better.

Identified as The ultimate NFT trading platform, Trait Sniper believes that with our extensive feature lists, we could help any type of NFT trader. Flipper, snipers, whitelist grinders, casual traders, port management, etc.
A launchpad for smaller NFT projects. We would love to help everyone with our current technical skills on the scene. Either it is setting up a userbase, advising, tooling, contracts, and of course, listing on a rare website.
A Whitelist Marketplace. With our high current traffic, we are hosting whitelist giveaways every day. We would love to help connect users and projects together in the most elegant way possible.

Aggregator on marketplaces: Fragmentation in the NFTs space doesn't stop at trading tools but at marketplaces. More features on improving your buying and listing process will be coming.
We have a lot in mind and the ability to build them into real stuff that works.

Since the beginning, our goal has been to equal the playing field, and combat information asymmetry in space. Making "normies" users make a profit out of the space without knowing insiders' info is our main priority.